Exquisite Design

Exquisite Design

"Design should never say, 'Look at me.' It should only say, 'Look at this.'"

-David Craib


The natural beauty of Stone Veneer...At Canyon Stone, we have perfected the stone-making process to bring you the highest quality of stone veneer. Stone veneer is just as real in its beauty, yet much lighter and easier in its application, making it a perfect choice for structures of all styles. Canyon Stone's quality manufacturing makes it almost impossible to distinguish our veneer from real stone or brick Locally manufactured, each stone is molded from real stone found across the country and hand shaded for maximum natural appearance and ideal shape, texture, and color. 

Classic- Molded from native Ohio limestone, our Classic Cut Stone combines the simple grace of natural limestone taverns and canyons with the elegance and clean lines of prairie homes from past centuries. Versatile and rich, this style adds warmth to any home or office and makes a beautiful combination with brick or stucco. 

Castle- Patterned from limestone gathered in the vast Kansas Prairies, our Castle Stone mimics the enduring legacy and grand style of the castles of medieval Scotland. Both dry-stacked and traditional, this stone makes a bold statement of beauty and strength with clean lines and unequaled style. 

Canyon Ledge- Our Canyon Ledge Stone was created from hand-picked stones taken from time-worn ledges and valleys of Wisconsin. Ledge stone offers a rustic and warm feel to any facade, entryway, or fireplace.

Timber Ledge- A perfect stone for both inside and out, a weathered finish gives this stone a time-worn appearance. 

Field Stone- Charming and inviting, our Field Stone is reminiscent of old country cottages, with warm colors and a weathered finish. perfect for a cozy fire. 

Limestone- Nothing creates a cozy atmosphere like the hand chipped surface and texture of limestone. 

Tuscan Field Stone- Tuscan Field Stone mimics the charming feel of our traditional Field Stone, but with an added weathered touch for most any style home. Molded from natural stone found in the mountains of Colorado, this rustic stone is perfect both inside and outside your home. 

River Rock- Molded from rocks found in Colorado's streams and valleys, River Rock shaped and perfected by Mother Nature after decades of smooth running water and shifting river banks. This stone is a beautiful expression of rustic elegance.

Brick- Canyon Stone's classic brick veneer is a beautiful complement to stone or stucco, or can be used inline for a more traditional facade. 

Cobble Stone- Fashioned after the cobbled streets of 18th century Europe, the Cobble Stone lends the comfortable feel of cottage living to the modern world. Charming and picturesque, this stone adds warmth and grace without compromising elegance and style. 

Cathedral- Molded from Limestone retrieved from ancient quarries in Europe, our Cathedral Stone displays the Gothic strength and durability of ancient cathedrals built throughout Europe. Finished with either a lush joint or an over-grout joint, your Cathedral Stone will appear to have stood through centuries of time. 

Country Ledge- Canyon Stone's Country Ledge is made from individual stones that were carefully hand selected to accommodate tight-fitted dry-stack installation. Similar to the Canyon Ledge style although more of an irregular shape, this style can be installed with or without a joint to give you rustic "country" look that will complement any decor. 



Because Canyon Stone replicates natural stone, inconsistencies in color and texture can be expected. Every effort has been made to ensure the stone colors on our printed and online materials are as close to the actual stone as possible. However, photography, printing, and viewing conditions may alter perception of color. Consult your distributor or sales representative for product samples. Ply Gem/Canyon Stone reserves the right to alter, modify, or delete items from time to time without notice.