img_1046.jpgIf you're looking for the most authentic manufactured stone in North America, look no further than Canyon Stone. 

Founded in 1999, Canyon Stone has been on a quest to shake up the industry with fresh styles and unique color offerings.

We are the fastest-growing manufactured stone company in the country.

We are currently seeking additional dealers who are passionate about the manufactured stone industry and are excited about offer additional siding options other than the traditional systems. 

For dealer inquiries, get in touch with us by following the link below.

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Because Canyon Stone replicates natural stone, inconsistencies in color and texture can be expected. Every effort has been made to ensure the stone colors on our printed and online materials are as close to the actual stone as possible. However, photography, printing, and viewing conditions may alter perception of color. Consult your distributor or sales representative for product samples. Ply Gem/Canyon Stone reserves the right to alter, modify, or delete items from time to time without notice.